Saturday, 1 April 2017

Gameplay video tutorial

We have published a new video with the gameplay and some tips of the game:

Sunday, 26 March 2017

BETA version of the game published today!

We are happy to announce that the first BETA version of the game has been released and free to play for everybody!

Get it on Google Play
Please, feel free to play and report all the possible bugs you can find... and of course have fun! That's the whole point of the game!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Welcome to Holmes O'Bedlam

Welcome to the new graphic adventure for Android based on Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: "Holmes O'Bedlam".

In this web I'll post the advances in the development of the game, some extras about the design process, and the outgoing of the project.

For now the game is in it's final weeks before being released it's first chapter. Here are some screenshoots:

The game has the traditional SCUMM bar and commands, such as "look", "use", "talk", etc. The concept of the game is that all that you see is the sketches and notes of Dr. Watson. Here is the studio that he used to share with Sherlock.

While talking to the characters, their faces and expressions can be seen. These are important because some of the challenges and deductions of the game take these in account.

Finally, the game has two main screens. The ones that we saw in the first images are the sketches of the scene made by Watson. The second one is the notes and evidences that he writes down in his notebook. This will give us details and information that maybe cannot be seen in the scene, but that is discovered by observation or deduction.